About ChattyMeals

"Our vision is to bring people together anywhere in the world over a meal. To share, talk, inspire and get inspired."

Slobodan Zubac, founder


The new technologies and trends within social networking tend to build more virtual connections between people and isolate them in the physical world.
The living alone trend is increasing throughout the world. Many studies point to the results that humanity is going in the wrong direction due to these trends.
Modern life is making us lonelier. A lot of recent research indicates that this may be the next biggest public health issue on par with obesity and substance abuse.

What we believe

We want to use the power of technology to bring people together in real life and change the world to be a better place.
We believe that eating tasty food in a warm friendly environment together with nice people opens up a natural way for people to interact and open up for conversations around different topics.
We want together with you to build a community where we together are building bridges between people, improving ourselves, our society, enriching our lifes and the well being for all of us.

How will we build ChattyMeals

We believe that trust, loyalty and transparency are the keys for the success. This is the reason why we want to put a lot of effort on building a trust based community.
We believe that the engaged customers are the crucial part of the successful business. We will engage and inspire them, we will care about every customer and listen to their suggestions. We will have a open channel towards our customers and let them build a great community together with us .
The first step towards building a trust based community will be enabling different kinds of ratings and introducing access to a mandatory profile for the all members.