Come as a guest

As a guest you will


Meet new friends in a new way.
Meet interesting people sharing the same interests or passions.
Talk about your favorite topic with other people.
Share your experiences, knowledge, insights, interests, visions ...
Meet people from other backgrounds, cultures and social groups.
Interact with others.
Socialize In Real Life.

Develop & grow

Learn from others.
Express your opinions.
Enhance your social skills.
Develop and challenge different skills.
Get to know yourself better by growing and developing awareness.


Eat tasty food in a cosy and pleasant environment.
Relax and have fun.
Get inspired.
Experience with all your senses.


Save your valuable time by minimizing shopping, cooking and washing-up.
Instead, use this time for your own pleasures.
Care about the environment (one kitchen for many).

How does it work?

Find an event

Explore exciting dishes and interesting topics.
Choose the ChattyMeals events with topics that fulfill your current needs.

Book & join

Book your seat to join the event. ChattyMeals puts a lot of effort into building a community based on trust, loyalty and transparency. You will be able to see the profile for every guest that has been accepted by the host and that is going to the event.

Enjoy & Socialize

Relax and enjoy a tasty meal with all your senses. Discuss the interesting topic with the host and the other guests.


Reward the host for the unforgettable experience, kindness and hospitality. During the validation of the ChattyMeals concept you will pay to the host when you are leaving the event.