Being a host

As a host you


Inspire others with choosing interesting topics.
Share your experiences, knowledge, insights, interests, visions ...


Find new friends.
Meet interesting people sharing the same interest or passion.
Socialize In Real Life.


Share your passion for food.
Share and test your cooking skills.
Utilize your resources (kitchen, cookings skills).


Earn an extra income.
Reach new customers as an artist or craftsman.
Reach new partners and co-workers.


Take part in discussions on interesting topics that will deepen your knowledge and broaden your views.
Find new areas of interest.
Take part in inspirational events organized for hosts by ChattyMeals.


Improve the wellbeing of others and yourself.
Do miracles with your kindness and hospitality.
Creates a unique mood with unique table settings.

How does it work?

Create an event

Plan your meal, choose a topic to discuss and create the event. Set price per person. The price should cover your costs and a service fee to ChattyMeals, which is 15 % of your cost. Currently (during the validation period of the concept) ChattyMeals is not charging the service fee.

Organize an event

Accept the booking of your quests when you feel confident to invite them to your event. You will be able to see the profile for every guest that wants to join your event.
Prepare your favorite meal, set the table and welcome your guests.

Enjoy & Socialize

Enjoy your meal and discuss the current topic together with your guests.

Get paid

Get rewarded for your work, kindness and hospitality.
During the validation of the ChattyMeals concept the guests will pay you before leaving the event.